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~ Saturday, July 12 ~
New Making of - ‘Zazu’ Puppet Project on my website. For a school production of The Lion King this summer. Really had lots of fun making this puppet and I hope he doesn’t get too destroyed during the production itself!http://jbanimator.carbonmade.com/projects/5271762#1

New Making of - ‘Zazu’ Puppet Project on my website.
For a school production of The Lion King this summer. Really had lots of fun making this puppet and I hope he doesn’t get too destroyed during the production itself!


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~ Wednesday, June 4 ~

New showreel time! Featuring clips from some of the work that I did at A+C and Anifest. Plus a small preview of preliminary tests for an Eep & Uff sequel (currently in pre-production).

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~ Thursday, March 27 ~
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More pics from my time at A + C. These are all from the Tindle project: ‘A Life in Print’. To see the full advert click the link below:


Just before my internship came to an end I was fortunate enough to be involved in the model-making process of this animated film. After the character’s armatures and bodies had been created by the head model-makers, I created a handful of characters’ clothing using tissue paper and latex, based on some wonderful 2D designs. As well as other secondary characters, I also made the clothing for 2 or 3 of the main characters including a hippy version of the female lead ‘Astrid’ and 2 versions of the male lead ‘Ray’. One version featured a simple armatured jacket which could also be animated if needed.

I also designed and made a couple of props including a 70s-esque reel to reel tape recorder and microphone, a few different cups and mugs for the cafe set and an old-fashioned camera complete with flash. These were all hand-carved from polystyrene foam board and then covered in tissue paper and glue.

The painting of all these props and characters (excluding the camera and flash) were painted by other very talented people.

So overall a big hooray, whooo, and bravo to the many brilliant people who worked on this project! I had an amazing time and felt very lucky to be apart of such a great team.

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~ Thursday, January 23 ~

Couple of pics from my time interning at Animate + Create in Whitstable this Winter.
Had an amazing time doing a little bit of animating and lots of model-making, in new ways that I hadn’t done before and some familiar plasticine ways too. Picked up some new wood carving and fab paper/latex clothing skills in particular :) Doing workshop team-building days and helping out at Anifest too were a brilliant bonus on top, with a little bit of themed Fridays and Doctor Who madness on the side. The team there are fantastic and I hope to work with them again sometime in the future.

Projects I worked on (pictured here):
Chivas - Wooden Bottles + other wooden props and varnishing - http://vimeo.com/82009886
Team Building Workshop - Trotter Van
Canterbury Anifest 2013 and ‘Animating the Beaney’ Exhibition - http://www.canterburyanifest.com/anifest-exhibition/

More pics including hand-made props and clothing coming soon …

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~ Monday, June 17 ~

Just a few film festival updates, I’m quite behind so here goes:- 

Last October Puzzle the Cat was shown at the This is England Festival in Roeun in France (also selected ‘off competition’ for the RNC Special Prize as part of the same festival). Thank you to everyone there for welcoming me to my first film festival abroad; quite daunting but very exciting at the same time.

So far this year Eep & Uff  has been shown at the 30th International Environmental Film Festival (FIFE) in Paris on 21st - 24th and 27th February. A big thank you to everyone at FIFE for giving me and the film such a warm welcome. Special thank you to all the kids (and grown-ups) who came to see the film as part of the Ecokids selection. Eep and Uff were really pleased and surprised to see how many fans they have out there!

Eep & Uff was also shown at the Cinema Planeta Film Festival in Mexico on the 20th and 21st in April and at the Cinéfeuille Film Festival in the south of France near Toulouse on the 29th May to 2nd June. The film was also shown at the 9th Screentest National Student Film Festival in London on the 23rd and 24th March. 

And so to mark all these occasions here’s some pictures of Eep and Uff before they left the nest aka more behind the scenes pictures :) (Notice the group photo, way back when Uff was still big and blue and Mummy Bird was a silent role. Ah memories!)

I hope to space out any more festival news in the future.

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~ Wednesday, May 8 ~

This didn’t really get enough proper screen time in the film to see all the bird/chicken/egg puns. So I thought now was better than never to show it to you. ‘Cheep’ Magazine - how many puns can you spot? Believe me there’s a fair few!

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~ Monday, February 4 ~

I sense a possible Eep & Uff sequel … maybe? Here is a couple of pictures of my new, very, very colourful, tropical bird puppet.

In exciting related news Eep & Uff will be screened at FIFE in Paris this February …


And the film has recently been selected for another festival in March, more details to follow :)

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~ Monday, October 8 ~

My graduation film has got it’s first screening outside of University! Eep & Uff have flown the nest, pun very much intended!

My graduation film has got it’s first screening outside of University! Eep & Uff have flown the nest, pun very much intended!

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~ Tuesday, June 26 ~

I couldn’t quite believe it was our years turn to do boards for the degree show. It was bizarre seeing everyone’s work on the walls, some I was seeing for the first time that year! But I think there was so much variety this year and it all looked brilliant! Hot choccie and cookies all round :) 

Anyhoo here is my board + 2 (!) display cabinets of models from Eep & Uff, Puzzle the Cat, Armless Love and my only ever non-plasticine human puppet which unfortunately never got used in a film but I displayed it all the same.

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